To Prologue or Not to Prologue

I toyed with adding a Prologue to the book for a long time, arguing with myself (try to do that and not sound like a crazy person) about the necessity of it. Finally I decided that it was, adding a new layer of intrigue in the book.  Therefore I have added it into the final version of the book.  So in interest of keeping today’s post simple, I give you the Prologue.

Prologue – Five Years Earlier

The hallway of the great castle was dim, not quite dim enough to require candlelight just yet, but it held a sort of growing darkness, the kind that appears at twilight without announcement.

The middle-aged prince stood near the door of his father’s chamber, waiting and sweating.  The door remained closed for the time being.  His father, the current king, had no idea he was on the other side.  But he would know soon.

For a few more moments, the prince was alone in the hallway.  Then footsteps sounded from far away.  The prince cocked his head, listening.  They increased in volume until a second man stood next to the first.

“Good news, we have the Scholar now in captivity,” said the second man, dressed in a soldier’s garb.  “The information he has will prove useful.  We can begin our search soon.”

The prince took a deep breath.  “Only one thing remains.”

“Yes.”  The soldier looked at the chamber door for the first time.  I hope you are ready.”

The prince opened his mouth and clamped it down again in resolve.  “I am…if this is the only way.”

“You know that it is.  The king does not want the same things we want.  And I could do little to sway him.  It has to be done this way.”

“We have been planning this moment for so long, First Captain.”

“Yes, and now there can be no hesitation.”   The soldier stared at the prince.  “You deserve this land.  Take it.  We will never have our way while he lives.”

The prince nodded and stepped forward.  He opened the door in front of him and saw the king standing over the hearth, warming himself and reading.

“Son, what brings you to my chambers-,”

“Quiet, father.  And this will be quick.”

The prince sprang forward and pulled forth a knife and thrust it into the king’s abdomen.

The king raised his hands, but it was too late.  As he fell, the knife could be seen protruding from his body, red staining his bedclothes.

The prince gawked for a moment at his dying father, but then was pulled from the chamber by the rough hands of his companion.

When they were back in the hallway, the second man, who was the commander of the army, spoke.  He was unable to contain a smile.  “And now our reign begins.  We will do great things together.”


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