In Defense of the New Star Wars Trailer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve surely experienced – or at least heard about from that guy to your left – the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  It’s been the talk of water coolers, internet boards, and nerds of all generations since its release over a month ago.  Also, if you are still offended by the term “nerds” these days then you haven’t been paying attention.  Nerd culture is mainstream and here to stay, but I digress.  Even if you are one of the few who have your doubts about the new movie – either from being disillusioned by the more recent prequel efforts, or maybe not believing the Force is with J.J. Abrams and Disney – you’ve watched the trailer purely out of morbid curiosity.

This discussion has of course had its impact on myself and my circle of friends, most of whom consider themselves fans in general of the series.  My initial reaction to the actual content of the trailer was irrelevant, and so I assumed this would be the case with most fans.  For me at least, it was the realization that we were seeing real footage from a brand new Star Wars movie.  That was all I needed to have my nerd moment, but not everyone.

I discovered over the subsequent weeks to my surprise that many were disappointed.  The trailer did not give them what they wanted.  It wasn’t enough to show a few quick shots of familiar pieces of the Star Wars universe.  The general fan base felt they deserved more.  I sat baffled as I spoke to many friends about my excitement only to find they did not share it.  Yes, it is a common thing for fans with passion for something to be the most critical of it.  And yes this is Star Wars we are talking about, so I understand that even a teaser is worth gold, but there needs to be an understanding.  Just consider the long road has taken to get to this point.  At least in the case of Star Wars, take a step back from fandom and just be happy it’s actually happening.  The trailer is great because it exists.  Period.  And it did its job well; it teased you, just like it said it would.


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