Work in Progress

The Descendants Book Two: The Seal of Eternity

This is (quite obviously) the second book in the series of epic fantasy that I’ve been working on for some time.  Series like these are always grand undertakings and this project is my main baby, but I still like to write short stories on the side.

SPOILER ALERT: This blurb may or may not contain spoilers if you haven’t read my first book!

In the aftermath of the One Day War, the guilds argue and fight over the loss of their  positions with the king, making threats that appear more real than baseless. Egan’s forgotten past starts to play a role in the future and he scrambles to discover the truth. War declarations come from the island kingdom under false pretenses, while Druce struggles to hold together the fragile army.  All the while Davin continues to try to understand his continued role and importance  in the events surrounding the world around them, eventually discovering some of the true power of his ancestors that gives him new purpose.  And then there is the ever present threat of the man previously known as Deverell, the leader of the Corrupted, and what his role may be in all of this.  Simply finding the Lost Driocht Scroll and the rest of the Descendants may not be enough.  Pieces will be set into motion that cannot be unset, preparing the table for what could engulf the world in the grandest event since the War of Purity a thousand years before…

One Gun Jack 

This is a fun little western that I eventually want to complete in between writing my epic fantasy series.  It has all the classic tropes and is meant to not take itself to seriously.  I’ve written a couple different scenes as a jumping off point. I will probably load them up here at some point.


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